Biggest Bets in Gambling History

On the off chance that Oceanslotz you’re like me, you consider a bet worth anything somewhere in the range of $50 and $100 to be large. You may likewise fear the prospect of losing this sum in a solitary bet.

In any case, certain card sharks have no dread. They’re willing to wager gigantic fortunes on anything from roulette to sports.

A portion of these equivalent speculators have recorded unbelievable bets that are worth six or seven figures. All things considered, I will cover seven of the greatest wagers ever.

1 – “Sleeping pad Mack” – Loses $13 Million on Astros World Series Bet
Jim “Sleeping pad Mack” McIngvale is an immense Houston Astros fan. As a matter of fact, the Houston-region furniture investor is such a major fan that he bet great many dollars on the ‘Stros.

The Astros were entering Game 7 of the 2019 World Series at that point. McIngvale swore to completely discount clients who spent more than $3,000 on select sleeping cushions in the event that Houston dominated the match.

Sleeping cushion Mack likewise bet $13 million on the Astros winning previously and during the end of the season games. He needed to spread his bets around sportsbooks from Mississippi to Vegas to get the entirety of this activity.

McIngvale isn’t a betting devil. All things considered, he involved the $13 million in wagers to fence his sleeping cushion discount advancement.

All things considered, he would’ve wound up offering an enormous measure of free room sets had Houston won. McIngvale let CNN know that a huge number of clients might have left with $3k+ worth of sleeping cushions.

The Washington Nationals dominated Match 7 by a score of 6-2 and were delegated the 2019 World Series champions. Bedding Mack appeared to be more annoyed about the World Series misfortune than his losing bets.

“I didn’t earn back the original investment [through the sleeping pad promo],” he said. “My heart is broken, on the grounds that I’m an Astros fan. I don’t wager with my wallet, I bet with my heart and the city’s heart is broken.”
McIngvale is renowned in Houston for his TV ads and altruism. He opened his bedding stores to the individuals who were uprooted by both Tropical Storm Imelda (2019) and Hurricane Harvey (2017).

Sleeping pad Mack likewise gave $10 million worth of discounts to clients when the Astros won the 2017 World Series.

2 – Sir Ride A Lot – Wins $6 Million on Dodgers World Series Bet
During the 2017 World Series, a baffling European visited Las Vegas and made a few enormous moneyline wagers on the L.A. Dodgers.

The unknown card shark continued winning and allowing their rewards to ride on the following result. He acquired the epithet “Sir Ride A Lot” subsequently.


The European won an aggregate of $6 million all through the initial five games. Sir Ride A Lot really satisfied his name by putting the whole $6m on L.A. dominating Match 6.

He procured $8 million after the Dodgers won. Sir Ride A Lot pondered wagering $14 million on the Dodgers dominating Match 7.

Notwithstanding, he at long last chosen to punch out. This ended up being a decent choice. The Dodgers lost the last game by a score of 5-1.

3 – Floyd Mayweather – Wins $5.9 Million on a NBA Playoffs Game
Floyd Mayweather has made various monster sports wagers all through his boxing profession. With vocation rewards worth more than $1 billion, the undefeated legend can stand to take a lot of dangers.

“Cash” made perhaps his greatest bet on a 2013 NBA Playoffs game between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers. He bet $5.9 million that the LeBron-drove Heat would win.

Miami ruled the challenge on the way to winning by 23. Mayweather pulled in a cool $5 million on account of the Heat’s triumph.

Cash is attached to reports including other multimillion-dollar wagers. Nonetheless, this NBA bet is the biggest one that has been affirmed.

Another scandalous Mayweather bet included the time he had a go at betting on his 2017 bout with Conor McGregor. He visited Las Vegas’ M Resort and took a stab at parting $400,000 between the under on 9.5 rounds and himself on a – 200 moneyline.

M Resort authorities spent quite a while examining in the event that the bet was lawful with the Nevada Gaming Commission. Mayweather became weary of pausing and left without wagering.

4 – Billy Walters – Wins $3.5 Million Super Bowl Wager
Pro athletics player Billy Walters assembled his vocation on strong bankroll the executives standards. Notwithstanding, he was unable to oppose getting carried away on the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV (2010).

The Saints were a dark horse to the Indianapolis Colts. Walters was so positive about New Orleans’ possibilities winning that he bet $3.5 million on them.

His gamble took care of when the Saints pulled off a 31-17 triumph. Walters has encountered numerous extraordinary successes in his betting profession. However, this $3.5m payout is without a doubt the biggest payout.

Sadly for Walters, he was subsequently indicted for an insider-exchanging outrage including the previous CEO of Dean Foods. He’s presently serving a five-year jail term and will be delivered in 2022.

5 – William “The Suitcase Man” Bergstrom – $1 Million Craps Bet in 1984
William Bergstrom was a realtor who turned high-stakes speculator in the mid 1980s. He made an appearance to Binion’s Gambling Hall and started putting the biggest bets Vegas had at any point seen at that point.


In 1980, he strolled into the gambling club with two bags. One bag contained $777,000 while the different was unfilled (on the off chance that he won huge).

Bergstrom picked Binion’s, since he’d heard that the gambling club would respect any first-time guest’s initially wagered regardless of how enormous. He bet the whole $777k sum on don’t pass line (1.36% house edge) in craps.

“The Suitcase Man” won the bet and left the club with $777,000 in benefits. He left Binion’s and didn’t return until 1984, well north of three years after the fact.

Upon his return, Bergstrom brought $538,000 to the craps tables. He bet all $538k on another effective bet.

Instead of leaving right away, he remained around and set three “more modest” wagers. These bets came about in $117,000 in rewards ($655k by and large).

Bergstrom returned again in late 1984. This time, he turned into the primary Vegas speculator to put down a $1 million bet.

The Suitcase Man bet $550k in real money, $140k in gold coins, and $310k in minds don’t pass line. He quickly lost when the shooter won on the come-out roll.

Only a couple of months after the fact, Bergstrom ended it all by ingesting too much of solution pills. He’d been experiencing gloom tracing all the way back to his first success in 1980.

Bergstrom had intended to end it all anytime when he lost everything. That point came soon after his $1 million bet was a failure.

6 – Mike Ashley – Billionaire Wins £1.3 Million
Mike Ashley is the tycoon proprietor of the Newcastle United football club. He’s amassed a £2.5 billion fortune through his outdoor supplies business.

All things considered, Ashley didn’t by and large have to luck out. By and by, he demonstrated similarly as fruitful in roulette as he is ready to go during a 2008 meeting.

Ashley visited London’s Mayfair Club and started making “complete wagers.” A total bet alludes to putting chips on each inside bet encompassing a specific number, including single number, parts, roads, corners, and six lines.

For Ashley’s situation, he encompassed the number 17 with these inside bets. At a certain point, Ashley gambled £480,000 all out on a total bet.

His procedure came through when he won a £1.3 million payout-£820,000 of which was benefit. Following this success, Ashley discreetly left the club with his goliath payout.

7 – Ashley Revell – Bets Entire Net Worth on Roulette
Ashley Revell is another Englishman who bet enormous on roulette. However, dissimilar to Mike Ashley, Revell didn’t have a fortune to back up his gigantic bet. Following an evening of drinking, he chose to wager his whole total assets on a solitary twist. Revell circled back to his arrangement by selling all that he claimed.

He additionally worked out a sponsorship manage the bookmaker Blue Square. The sponsorship and fire deal got him $135,000.

Roulette Table

Revell found a taker for his $135k bet in Las Vegas’ Plaza Hotel and Casino. He then ventured out to Vegas to put his bet.

Both E! what’s more, Sky One Channel recorded the occasion for THS Investigates: Vegas Winners and Losers and Double or Nothing, individually. With the cameras rolling, Revell moved forward to the table and put every one of his chips on red.

The ball arrived on red 7 and gave Revell a $135k payout. A short time later, he promised at absolutely no point to make an insane bet like this in the future.

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