Reviews of the Cool Cat Casino

An Account of My Time at Cool Cat Casino

A cat’s purr has always soothed my soul. When I was around seven or eight years old, I got my first cat, and I had it for nearly fifteen years till it passed away. It was a very cool cat, and I mean that literally. But that’s beside the point because I’m not here to discuss my old cat or actual cats. I’d like to discuss Cool Cat Casino with you.

I had never heard of Cool Cat Casino till I went there for the first time not too long ago. Consider the fact that this casino has been open since 2002, and it becomes even more intriguing. Cool Cat Casino, which is owned by Virtual Casino Group Casinos and operates under a Costa Rica license, is an unusual feline, to put it mildly. Although the site’s target audience is global, only the English language is supported.

Because there aren’t as many truly world-class casinos available to gamers in some regions, the prospect of playing here is likely quite appealing. In this review of Cool Cat Casino, I’ll do my best to break down the pros and cons of this gambling hub for you.


The all-black and white layout of Cool Cat Casino is the first thing you’ll notice. Although the casino is not very attractive, it does not bother visitors by being excessively chaotic. Therefore, I must admit that the graphics are also among the best aspects of Cool Cat.

The fact that Cool Cat exclusively offers games from American RTG may disappoint some gamers, but it will likely please its core demographic.

Cool Cat provides plenty of large bonuses for people who enjoy them. Please read the bonus terms and conditions carefully before attempting to redeem any benefits. The tendency to leap to conclusions is widespread.


Then we’ll talk about a few of the ones that didn’t quite make the cut. To begin, withdrawals at Cool Cat Casino take more time than most European players would find acceptable. Here, the process of receiving your payment might take nearly a month instead of only a couple of days. What’s more, I’ve heard tales of individuals having trouble cashing out of this casino, so it only adds insult to injury. It appears that their bonus terms are very stringent, and as such, must be adhered to in full. You should review the rules carefully and make sure you understand them before you begin playing to avoid having your money confiscated if you break them. Ask any questions you have in advance, and if you want to be extra cautious, print out few screenshots. However, these considerations are not exclusive to the Cool Cat Casino; it is always preferable to be ahead of the curve rather than behind it.

The Cool Cat Casino has some of my favorite games.

As I mentioned before, all of Cool Cat’s slot machines are powered by Real Time Gaming. Although I do not have extensive familiarity with slot machines, I did discover some interesting games in the casino’s main lobby. Two of the more enticing options were Halloween Treasures and The Mariachi 5.

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